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Boutique recording studio

Cook Up Records is a boutique Recording Studio and music production team located in Los Angeles, CA. 

The Space

Our studio was built 20 years ago by one of LA's top sound engineer's and studio designers. With vibe and sonic perfection in mind, the main control room has been tuned with handcrafted diffuser, sturdy bass traps and thick walls and windows, to keep the sound where it should be. 

Acoustics aside, the control rooms' massive window puts the view down a canyon out towards Malibu, on full display. Sunsets are truly an event each evening as we roll up the curtain and take it all in.  

Just off the main control room is our cozy live room, large enough to track multiple vocalists, small instruments, guitar and bass cabs, drums (although we do not),  claps, slaps, snaps, and hi-hats. 

Studio B

Don't be mistaken our Studio B or "Writing Room" is small, but it feeling anything but small when you take in the view from the second large window, while writing, producing, recording vocals and guitar, mixing or playing X-Box!



We are a group of talented friends who make music together for ourselves and others. Between us we write top lines, lyrics, produce, play Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Trumpet, the Irish Whistle, and just about anything else we can get our hands on.

Michael Wilson, our Lead Engineer steps in on every project to help create something you can feel proud of... He also writes songs and creatively contributes more than expected of most engineers when needed. 


Sample work

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Produced and Written by us


Services & Rates




Music Production

Song Writing


NEW studio RATES for the rest of 2017!

Recording & Mixing

$65 /hr   $45/hr   (with engineer) $45 /hr  $35/hr (without engineer)

$350/ 8 Hour Block (With Engineer)

3 hour minimum with engineer
4 hour minimum without engineer

Gear List                                  Day Rates                                                                                                   

  • All bookings require a 50% deposit and a major creditor debit card on file, or P.O.# from a major label. 
  • All scheduled sessions require a 48 hour cancelation notice to receive a future studio credit or refund.  
  • No call, no shows or same day cancellations will be charged the full balance of scheduled time.

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